Month: March 2022

What Tasks Can I Delegate to Virtual Assistant Services?

Virtual assistant services are a fantastic way to gain extra support for your business. A virtual assistant is there to help simplify your to-do list, consolidate tasks, and manage your calendar. Most virtual assistants are able to work from anywhere and are typically hired as freelance workers, which makes them ideal for entrepreneurs who don’t…
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How to Hire a Real Estate Virtual Assistant in 2022

Is a real estate virtual assistant the right call for growing your business? Real estate professionals generate revenue in the same way many sales professionals go about it: warming up leads and closing deals. But so much more goes into the work than simply sales acumen. Between data entry, lead generation, calendar management, and a…
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Go Remote with Intent

Go Remote with Intent

Here’s a scenario pre-pandemic. An employee shows up to work. Right – it’s already crazy. Someone showing up to work – in like real pants, too. But anyway – this dependable and super reliable employee sits down at her desk. She logs on. And then she’s supposed to stay there for roughly eight hours straight.…
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What is a Remote First Staffing Strategy?

What is a Remote-first Staffing Strategy?

Just like “mobile-first” where mobile is what developers and designers are focused on, “remote-first” puts the remote work experience first.

CEOs & Executives Share Insights on Supporting Remote Sales Teams

Supporting Remote Sales Teams: Insights from CEOs and Execs

How do you support your sales leaders when your company is operating in a remote setting, whether as part of your business strategy or an adaptation to the current times?  This is what we asked of business leaders in industries ranging from adult education, bookkeeping tools, and as specific as mold remediation services for real…
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How To Track and Monitor Remote Workers

Tracking and Monitoring Remote Workers

One big question business owners have when their employees are working remotely is, “How will I know that my employees are actually working?”