Small and medium businesses across the country are discovering new and exciting ways to increase their business efficiency with the help of talented remote assistants. According to data published by Zippia, roughly half of all companies hiring VAs have fewer than 1,000 employees. When resources are limited, virtual assistants save time and money, and they increase efficiency in the following ways. 

#1 – Fewer HR Concerns

SMBs who rely on virtual assistant services spend far less time on traditional human resources concerns when compared to in-house employees. There are no time off requests, no sick days, and no scheduling conflicts. This means that companies can count on having their administrative needs met by a talented professional. 

#2 – Virtual Assistants Help Scalability 

Growth is exciting, but for SMBs, it can also be challenging. These growing businesses often struggle to meet the demand with their limited staff and resources. Rather than hiring full-time in-house employees, SMBs can rely on remote assistants to provide the extra help they need as they scale and grow. 

#3 – Specialized Talent

Smaller marketing agencies, real estate brokerages, law firms, and even entrepreneurs find it difficult to source talent familiar with the unique needs of their industries. When they choose managed remote assistance, they gain access to a global talent pool with a wide range of specializations. Choosing a virtual assistant with exceptional industry will significantly improve a company’s efficiency. 

#4 – Virtual Assistants Reduce Repetitive Tasks

A West Monroe survey of 500 managers, about 23% said they spent more than five hours every day on administrative tasks. These same managers agreed that administrative tasks were one of their most pressing inefficiencies, and 44% of respondents said they felt overwhelmed at work. Hiring a remote assistant is the most effective and affordable way to reduce the amount of time spent on administrative tasks, free up more time, and reduce the workload that leaves so many managers feeling overwhelmed. 

#5 – Virtual Assistants with Industry Knowledge

Small and medium businesses need more than just administrative assistance. They often need help with sales, marketing, and lead generation. In today’s day and age, virtual assistants are trained to do much more than answer calls and manage calendars. Many can help put together creative marketing campaigns, help with lead generation, and more. 

#6 – Virtual Assistants Create a Better Work Culture 

Work culture is crucial to the success of any SMB. The World Health Organization (WHO) says that work affects everyone’s mental health either positively or negatively, and being overworked leads to burnout, fatigue, and stress that can affect performance. Hiring a virtual assistant to handle some of the more tedious and time-consuming tasks gives employees more breathing room. When they feel better, they perform better, and that helps SMBs thrive. 

Remote assistants can improve business efficiency in countless ways. From bringing incredible industry knowledge that can help a growing brand thrive to improving the work atmosphere and culture, remote workers provide an invaluable service that saves SMBs time and money at the same time. 

Partnering with We Are Working 

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