Virtual assistant services are a fantastic way to gain extra support for your business. A virtual assistant is there to help simplify your to-do list, consolidate tasks, and manage your calendar. Most virtual assistants are able to work from anywhere and are typically hired as freelance workers, which makes them ideal for entrepreneurs who don’t want to hire a full-time employee. 

Since many new business owners haven’t worked with a virtual assistant before, it may be intimidating to delegate tasks to your new helper. Here are our suggestions on how to make the most of your new virtual assistant, so you can focus on the big picture.

6 Tasks That Can Be Delegated to Virtual Assistant Services

Email Management 

Every business owner knows that emails pile up quickly. From promotional emails to important client correspondences, it’s crucial to keep track of your inbox and keep your messages organized. A virtual assistant can help you sort out spam emails, prioritize emails that require a personalized response, and even respond to emails for you. This allows you to spend more time corresponding with the clients who matter the most. 

Calendar Management 

Another central element when running a business is staying on-top of appointments, phone calls, and team meetings. With so much to juggle, it’s not surprising that commitments slip through the cracks. 

A virtual assistant is a great resource for calendar management. Your assistant can schedule appointments, send you reminders about meetings, and organize you calendar so you never need to worry about double-booking yourself or missing a call. Plus, your virtual assistant can set reminders about deadlines so it’s easier to prioritize time-sensitive tasks. 


When you’re running a company, it’s essential to stay on top of current business trends and marketing data. If you don’t have time to spend hours researching business practices or marketing trends online, delegate these tasks to your virtual assistant. A virtual assistant can sift through online resources and make a consolidated packet of relevant information for you to use. 

Financial Tasks

Invoice management, payroll management, and bookkeeping are often time-consuming items on your to-do list. Instead of taking on financial tasks on your own, you can delegate these projects to your virtual assistant. 

Social Media Management 

A strong social media presence is crucial for businesses who want to be competitive in 2022. Social media platforms provide a casual way to interact with current customers, attract new prospects, and increase brand awareness. 

Managing social media accounts takes a huge amount of time and effort. A virtual assistant is there to help you:

  • Schedule posts.
  • Create content that represents your band. 
  • Answer comments or direct messages from customers. 
  • Conduct social media marketing research. 
  • Share relevant content. 

Other Administrative Tasks

Your virtual assistant is a valuable all-around player. Ideally, they can manage a variety of everyday administrative tasks like taking messages, sending thank you notes, and making business-related travel arrangements. Letting your virtual assistant assume responsibility for day-to-day admin duties will significantly improve your business’s operations and streamline your list of daily to-dos. 

Tips on How to Delegate Tasks to a Virtual Assistant 

#1 Communicate Your Expectations 

Clearly outline the tasks your virtual assistant will be responsible for, and provide them with thorough instructions. Ensure that you have an effective way to communicate with your virtual assistant, so it’s easier to provide them with real-time updates or requests. 

#2 Work with Deadlines 

Working with deadlines adds accountability and clarity to your relationship with your virtual assistant. This way, you’re both on the same page about when things need to be finished. 

#3 Delegate 

Remember, your virtual assistant is there for a reason. Although it may be difficult to relinquish control, it’s important to delegate tasks to your assistant so you have more time to work on other projects. Don’t be afraid to ask for support when you need it. 

Finding Virtual Assistant Services

So where can you find your virtual assistant? At We Are Working, we provide businesses with the personnel they need to achieve success. We Are Working is a US-based company dedicated to providing businesses of all sizes with personalized staffing support. From virtual assistants, to marketing assistants, to bookkeepers, our team will work with you to develop staffing solutions that fit your needs and support your future growth.