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We Are Working is a fully managed staffing solution provider based in the US. We work with small and medium-sized businesses to identify roles they need to fill, document their processes, hire qualified candidates, and then train, monitor and coach the hires.

  • Get the busy work off of your plate
  • Assistant recruitment, hiring & training are all free
  • Only pay for the hours worked – no minimums or long-term contracts

Satisfaction Guaranteed. Give us a week – if our solution isn’t right for you, we’ll refund your money.

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What do growing businesses have to say about We Are Working?

“…this process uncovered a lot of redundant tasks, and just by going through the process of creating SOPs, we eliminated almost 20 man-hours per week.” – Mike F., Paramount Capital Group

By streamlining processes and hiring qualified offshore talent, We Are Working has saved Paramount Capital Group 70% per employee. They pay just 30% of what they historically spent to get the same work done.

How can a virtual assistant help you?

Your VA can organize your email inbox to ensure you see and respond to the most important messages first.

Managing your receipts is a great job for a virtual assistant. They can categorize receipts and file your expense reports.

Your virtual assistant can manage your calendar, setting and moving appointments around as needed throughout the day.

Your virtual assistant can book travel, confirm flights and hotels, and keep your calendar up to date with changes.

Your VA can answer your phone and send responses to customers – during regular business hours or while you sleep.

Organizing and cataloging your files is a way a virtual assistant can help you stay focused and out of the weeds.

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  • Define the tasks your virtual assistant will do
  • Determine how long those tasks will take
  • Calculate your costs – Including our Pricing and competitor prices
  • Compare our costs with US-based assistants

Plus – we uncover the hidden costs of hiring a virtual assistant.

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Virtual Assistant Cost Estimator and Guide

Why Choose We Are Working

A Bespoke Approach

Your business is unique. And your plan with us would be too. To ensure your success, we help you craft your dream plan, enabling you to choose your own specialists for however many hours you need. All led by a U.S-based Customer Success Manager as your dedicated point of contact.


Defining and streamlining processes is what we do best. We take a Remote First approach to defining and filling roles. Our first step is to have a conversation with you to understand what you need your virtual assistant to do, why they are doing it and how you want them to get the work done. Then, we build a detailed Standard Operating Procedure for your VA that they can follow with minimal supervision from you.


We are relentless when it comes to monitoring. We monitor every minute your virtual assistant spends working for you. Their screens are captured, their activities are tracked and their adherence to your SOP is audited. We’ll provide you with regular reports to view your virtual assistant’s performance.

The right price

With better processes in place, you’ll spend less time managing your virtual assistant, and they’ll spend fewer hours getting the work done. Plus – we use a globally-sourced talent pool, so our clients pay an average of $7/hour for experienced assistants. Compare that to US-based rates that start at $12/hour. And, remember: our price is “all in”. All you pay is the hourly rate multiplied by the hours your assistant actually works. No employment taxes, payroll fees, etc.

No minimums. No long-term contracts. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

When We Are Working for you, you’ll only pay for the hours worked. There is no monthly minimum, and no long-term contract. Month after month, we aim to prove our value, completing quality work in a timely manner.

To get started, give us a week. If our solutions aren’t right for you, we’ll refund your money.

Fully managed solutions

We handle everything. We start by defining and refining your processes while evaluating, testing, and qualifying candidates for you to choose from. Once you choose your VA, we get them onboarded and trained. We monitor their activity and audit their adherence to your processes. Our critically-thinking managers will support your VA, answering questions and helping them complete work with minimal disruptions to your day.


Got questions? We’ve got answers. Check out these Frequently Asked Questions and answers, or schedule a free consultation with us to get your unique questions answered.

Can I interview the candidates you find for me?

Yes. Using skills tests, experience criteria, and our own interviews, we’ll narrow down the pool of candidates to 2-3 that will work well for you. You can further review their profiles and interview them to choose the person you like best.

What hours will my virtual assistant work?

What hours would you like them to work? Some of our clients choose to have their VAs work while they are working – regular 9am – 5pm EST hours. Others choose to have their VAs work while they sleep to provide 24 hour customer service. Your VA can be available on nights, weekends, mornings, afternoons – you set the hours.

How will I communicate with the VA you hire for me?

This person is working for YOU – so how do you want them to communicate with you? 

Some of our clients have systems in place and simply set their workers up with access to those. That could mean Slack for internal communications, and your website chat widget and RingCentral for customer-facing communications.

Other clients don’t have systems in place and rely on us for recommendations based on the jobs they want done and the ways they like to work.

I’ll need my VA to work for 40 hours a week some months, and only 2 hours a week other months. Is that okay?

Yes. Our services are designed to be flexible. Your virtual assistant will work when you need them to work, and they won’t when you don’t need them.

Need More Info?

We’re standing by ready to answer your questions about how this works, our typical hourly rates, how long it takes to get started… or whatever else is on your mind. Drop us a note below with your questions and we’ll get back to you with answers.

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