Get task work off your plate.

Work ON your business
instead of IN your business.

Growing your business takes creative strategy and relentless execution. So, why does it seem like you have to spend so much time on the small stuff? You know you need a team of people who reliably complete tasks, over and over again while you focus on the big picture.

But – that means hiring – ugh. And what’s the worst part of hiring? All of it? Yeah, that’s what we hear from most business leaders. So, hand it over to us. 

We Are Working is a fully-managed staffing solution provider with a remote-first strategy. We work with small and medium sized businesses to:

  • Identify roles you need to fill
  • Document your processes and workflows
  • Choose the best people from our US and Global team of talent
  • Train, monitor and coach workers

In short, we get the task work off of your plate, streamlined and done by qualified workers at budget-friendly rates.

Worker Selection

After we identify the required skills and experience, we’ll select a worker from our existing staff of 350+ employees. The worker is already working for us and is a known entity. If you prefer to be involved in the selection process, we’ll make the decision together.

Onboarding & Training

We’ll work with you to create a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) that your worker will follow. We’ll apply remote-first best practices to ensure that your worker can get tasks done with minimal direction and maximum transparency. We’ll train your worker to GSD (get *schtuff* done).

Monitoring & Coaching

As your worker completes tasks, we’ll monitor their activity. We’ll capture screenshots and setup regular reporting to keep you informed. With regular audits, we’ll check that tasks are being complete correctly. We’ll continually coach your worker, training them up over time.

A quick note on what we *do* and *don’t* do: We place employees for long-term assignments, we don’t take on one-time project work. For example, we won’t take on a single project to just categorize your expenses for this year’s taxes, but we will place a bookkeeping assistant for you who will keep your accounts up to date throughout the year.

Custom Staffing Solutions

Our core competency is in developing custom staffing solutions for our clients. Unlike other providers that have a fixed list of services, minimum hours per month, and hoops to jump through to make changes – our services are completely customizable. We will work with you to develop a staffing strategy that meets your needs and grows with you over time.

We have no minimums. Your contract is month-to-month. You only pay for the hours that your worker actually works.

We’ve identified some popular roles and job functions below along with a few industries in which we have established clients and processes. But – all of these are just starting points. We will work with you to develop a custom plan that fits your unique needs.

Popular Roles

Travel research, online gift shopping, calendar coordination. The list goes on! Delegate it to us and reclaim what it is like to live in the moment.

Get your creatives back to being creative. Let our Marketing Assistants handle social media monitoring, content distribution, and more! Delegate the CTRL+V.

From email and calendar management to research and data entry, a Virtual Assistant can clear up your schedule so you can focus on the big picture.

Cost-saving Recruiting Assistants support your HR efforts, with tasks such as managing listings on job boards, screening candidates, and scheduling interviews.

Let your sales people focus exclusively on sales. Give CRM updates, appointment setting, and calendar coordination to a Sales Assistant.

Stay on top of your books with a virtual Bookkeeper or Accounting Assistant who can categorize expenses, reconcile accounts, process payments and more.

Popular Functions

How much are you paying for employees to copy and paste data from one system to another or enter details into your CRM and other databases? Our clients pay rates starting at $11/hour (all-in) for Data Entry Specialists.

Could your sales, marketing and product development staff achieve better results if they had better data? A Research Assistant can build lists, research prospects and collect data to provide your teams with the data they need.

Customers today want convenience like never before. And they want to connect to someone, anyone, that’s not a robot. Boost your brand and your reputation, with virtual assistants delivering prompt 24/7 customer service.

Industry Experience

Having clients in a variety of industries gives us the ability to hire the right people faster, get your processes streamlined more quickly, and help you understand what to plan for as your business scales. If you’re in one of these industries, we can fast-track your staffing solution:

No Minimums

You’ll only pay for the hours that your worker(s) actually work, we don’t make you agree to a monthly minimum. Plus – we’ll work to win your business month after month, so there are no long-term contracts.

All-Inclusive Pricing

The hourly rate for each worker is what you pay. Period. We multiply the hourly rate by the hours the workers actually work – and that’s your total. No taxes, no payroll fees, no minimums.


We Are Working is a US-based staffing solutions provider. We source talent from a US and global network, but your agreement is with an American company and your work is managed by US-based professionals.

Which tasks can we get off of your plate?

Want to learn more about how this would work for you – and how much it will cost? Let’s connect. Send us more details about what you’re looking to accomplish, or schedule a call so we can talk through your vision.

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