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U.S. Based and Managed.

We Are Working is a fully managed remote staffing solution provider. Leveraging our established team of both onshore and offshore talent, we’ll train, monitor, and coach remote workers for you.

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We know how to get work done. Unlike placement services that simply match you with a contractor, or a gig network that leaves you to do all the heavy lifting, We Are Working provides a fully managed staffing solution. So you can rest easy and stick to the big picture. 


You tell us what you need to get done – and we’ll do it. Sure, we’ll need your help to get started, but our experienced management will break down the steps, confirm that we’ve got it right, and coach your own team of remote assistants through each task.


Since 2017, our end-to-end remote staffing solution has created, streamlined, and refined 100% remote operations for many companies. Our global network of talent now includes 100+ workers in the U.S. and 200+ around the world.

No Minimums

There is no monthly minimum that you will be stuck paying for. You’ll only pay for the hours that your workers actually work. Plus – we’ll work to win your business month after month, so there are no long-term contracts.


We Are Working is a U.S.-based 100% remote staffing solutions provider. While we source talent from around the globe, your agreement is with an American company and your work is managed by U.S.-based professionals.

“Paramount Capital Group required the ability to quickly hire additional employees and scale processes to efficiently manage more workload. We Are Working worked hard to understand and exceed our goals and improve business performance. We reduced our labor and operational costs, yet still delivered exceptional customer experiences. We Are Working has been a great partner to us and we are planning to expand our team in the future.” – Mike F., Paramount Capital Group

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From creating a remote strategy to sourcing workers, we can help you build a productive remote workforce — and a long-term competitive advantage.

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