About Us

We’ve been in your shoes.

Our Mission

We Are Working is a 100% remote U.S-based company that was founded with the goal of helping small to medium-sized businesses develop a highly effective and efficient remote workforce that delivers measurable results.

Many U.S. small and mid-sized businesses face challenges competing with global corporations and lack the expertise or resources to confidently hire virtually. However, when done effectively, the benefits of a remote workforce can far outweigh the risks and lead to significant growth opportunities.

After building numerous companies, our founders started We Are Working after seeing first-hand the need to compete globally and cut operational costs. Over the years, we have perfected processes and systems to streamline businesses, and built the global infrastructure necessary to ensure all remote workers deliver up to our high standards. Now, We Are Working partners with growing companies to develop productive and accountable remote workforces of all sizes.

Our Approach to Remote Staffing

Our comprehensive remote staffing solution is designed to support your unique needs in a phased approach, and scale with you as you continue to grow and evolve your business. Instead of simply matching you with a virtual assistant and placing the burden of training, coaching and monitoring performance on your shoulders, our team approach gives you layers of support and accountability, so you can focus on growing your business.Remote Workforce Project Phases

Client Success Director

Initiation & Planning: The success of your onboarding experience will be handled by a Client Success Director.

Growth: Your Client Success Director will work to ensure your long-term remote staffing needs are met as you continue to grow your business.

Client Success Manager

Planning: Your Client Success Manager will have detailed knowledge of your SOPs, and will monitor and coach your assistants.

Performance: Routine progress calls are key in order to continuously meet and exceed your expectations. That is where the Client Success Manager comes in.

Account Manager

Initiation: Your initial point of contact who will work closely with you to understand the details of your unique needs, and assemble a team to develop your remote staffing solution.

Growth: When you are ready to grow your remote staff, they will be instrumental in working with you to develop a plan that fits.


Everything we do revolves around you, making your business run smoother and freeing up your time so you can get back to growing your business. Or knitting. Or baking sourdough bread. Or traveling again.

Account Supervisor

Execution: Think of the Account Supervisor as your very own Project Manager for the remote staff on your team. They are responsible for getting the right assistants on your tasks and tracking progress on your deliverables.

Role-Specific Assistants

Execution: A bespoke team assembled and trained on your SOPs to tackle your unique needs defined during the Initiation and Planning phases. Role-Specific Assistants, such as Bookkeepers, have passed aptitude tests in order to demonstrate their expertise in the necessary skill set.

SOP Specialists

Planning: This team will shadow you and your team to learn and document your processes. This process will identify ways to streamline your processes and the resulting SOPs will be used to train your assistants.

Growth: As new processes emerge in your business, your SOP Specialists will get to work streamlining and defining SOPs for those too.

We Are Working Remote Staffing - Virtual Assistants
We Are Working Team Infographic - Virtual Assistants

Global Options for a Remote Workforce

Our vast network of carefully screened remote workers from all corners of the globe allows us to offer our clients a diverse range of talented individuals to manage their growing administrative and specialized routine tasks. After assessing your requirements, we’ll recommend which roles would be best suited to construct your remote team. We’ll help you build a team of professionals who can handle the unique demands of your business, enabling you to focus on what matters most.

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