Case Studies

Paramount Capital Group's Global Staffing Case Study Thumbnail

Paramount Capital Group’s Global Staffing Journey

Download our case study and learn how our client, Paramount Capital Group, saved 20 man-hours per week and $40,000 a year per offshore employee working with We Are Working.

“One of the really good things about the process that attracted us to We Are Working was the fact that we don’t really start using remote employees until the procedures have been documented and tested thoroughly. While creating the SOPs, this process uncovered a lot of redundant tasks, and just by going through the process of creating SOPs, we eliminated almost 20 man-hours per week. It was an unexpected benefit from just working towards the remote workforce to discover that we were doing things the wrong way or not a smart way, and we eliminated them altogether.”
- Mike F., Paramount Capital Group

Improving Customer Service Chat

Download this case study to learn how we were able to improve our client's implementation of customer service website chat.

“If you don’t offer customer service via chat, your customers are probably asking for it - complaining that you don’t have it. If you do offer customer service via chat, you may have gone about it a lot like one of our clients did.”

Achieve Test Prep Remote Workforce Case Study

How Achieve Test Prep Saves Millions with We Are Working

Download our case study and learn how Achieve Test Prep, a $30M education company, saves over $4.8M annually by transitioning to a 100% remote workforce.

“We had to adapt to globalization, and We Are Working made transitioning to a global, remote workforce easy. Their expertise and methods enable us to focus on growing the business with a team, processes, and systems that scale as needed.”
- Achieve Test Prep