Case Study – Daci Jett Law

How We Are Working Helped Daci Jett Law Offload Legal Admin Tasks and Save Resources.

Before initiating a collaborative partnership with We Are Working, Daci Jett Law faced significant operational impediments. The firm’s esteemed owner, Ms. Daci Jett, was consistently entangled in an intricate web of legal administrative duties. These detailed and time-consuming duties severely hindered her ability to channel energy and resources toward strategic business growth and forward-thinking initiatives. This pressing situation underscored the imperative need for competent assistance. Yet, despite her diligent search, Ms. Jett encountered challenges in securing a personal assistant. The ideal candidate would be trustworthy and proficient and align with the firm’s budgetary constraints.

Download the case study to see how We Are Working helped Daci Jett find the right virtual assistant for her law firm.

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