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Ditch your time consuming tasks

U.S.-managed virtual assitant services to let go of the little stuff and focus on the big picture.

Save Time. Save Money.

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You don’t have to do it all

The daily tasks and routines that are mission critical to running your business can leave you trapped in your to-do list with no room to focus on what you do best.

Do you find yourself

Buried in office work?

Drowning in data entry?

Losing the battle of lead gen?

Behind on social media posts?

We want more of you.

We are working provides experienced virtual assistants to take work off your plate so you can win back to your time and drive success for your business.

Get support for specialized tasks

Outsource work to our virtual assistants and let go of the things you don’t need to do.


We will manage calendars, organize email inboxes and handle calls to bring calm to the chaos of your day to day.

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Let us categorize expenses, reconcile accounts, process payments and more so you can stay on top of your books.

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Handoff social media management, content creation, blog posting and CRM data entry and save time for clarity.

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We’ll keep tabs on your competition, run reports, conduct market research so you can make faster smart decisions.

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We will help you reach more clients through lead gen and appointment setting, so you can focus on you.

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Fill jobs faster and avoid high turnover costs by outsourcing your recruitment needs to us.

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Add focus time back to your day.

offload your repetitive tasks so you make time for bigger plans. Let’s get started.

Who hires We Are Working virtual assistants?

 Step 1: Free Consultation

Meet with our team to share your needs,
challenges, and goals. Discover our
methodology, processes, and how we can work with your team
to produce repeatable results.

Step 2: Onboarding Call

Meet your Customer Success Manager to
define the tasks you need help with. Share
the qualifications you need for a Virtual Assistant and walk us through systems
access points to get started.

Step 3: Shadowing Calls

Show us how you want things done for
the tasks you are outsourcing. We will
learn your systems, processes, and
expected results. We’ll learn to do it
your way!

Step 4: Workflow Setup and Training

Our team will gain insight from the
shadowing calls, document your processes, and develop Standard
Operating Procedures (SOPs).
Your Virtual Assistant will be trained based on
the defined workflow.

Step 5: Monitoring and Coaching

Your Customer Success Manager will
oversee the work.
Our continued coaching will ensure
your Virtual Assistant provides total value. Performance monitoring reports
will be generated and KPIs set.

Step 6: Check-In Calls

We will meet regularly to get
your feedback on your assigned
Virtual Assistants, review KPIs,
and make sure everything is running
according to plan.

What our clients say

Mark Olynyk - CEO

Recommend their VA services

Working with We Are Working has been good for my business and has been different than working with any other VA or in-house assistant I’ve had. A couple things really set them apart. They have a systematic approach to learning the job, and they write my standard operating procedures, so (1) I don’t have to write them, and (2) that by itself systematizes the job. So my VA can refer back to the SOPs if there is something he hasn’t done for awhile and get refreshed about how to do it. And they use the SOPs to train a back-up for me, in case my regular VA is out. And training the back-up is a unique practice that I haven’t seen elsewhere, which I really appreciate. It gives me assurance that the work will still get done if my VA is sick or on vacation. Something else that sets them apart is they take on the work of managing my VA. They monitor the work getting done to make sure it’s getting done and to identify and address any issues that might arise before something becomes a problem. I like that because it takes a lot of management off me. Of course, I also manage my VA, but I know they are there handling it in the background, too. (For any attorneys reading this, I’m an attorney, and they signed a confidentiality agreement when I started working with them.) They have been very accomodating of my needs and I have recommended them to a few of my colleagues.


Hire a Former Agent

Great Services

I’m so grateful to have discovered Marwa and We are Working. Collaborating with their team has enabled me to enhance my sales velocity and delegate various administrative tasks across several domains. They will be part of my team for a long time.

Joshua Meyer

Recommend their VA

These guys have helped come up with ways to utilize their services that save us time and money.
When we started looking for a VA, We Are Working stood out. They impressed from the start and are very good at making using them a pleasure. They have reformatted some videos and made the sound better, they have called clients, cleaned up data sheets, and help me stay on task (no easy job). I would recommend them to anyone who needs a VA and to anyone who thinks they can’t afford a VA.

Bill Ormston

Client Success Story:

Paramount Capital Group’s Global Staffing Journey

Download our case study and learn how our client, Paramount Capital Group, saved 20 man-hours per week and $40,000 a year per offshore employee working with We Are Working.

“One of the really good things about the process that attracted us to We Are Working was the fact that we don’t really start using remote employees until the procedures have been documented and tested thoroughly. While creating the SOPs, this process uncovered a lot of redundant tasks, and just by going through the process of creating SOPs, we eliminated almost 20 man-hours per week. It was an unexpected benefit from just working towards the remote workforce to discover that we were doing things the wrong way or not a smart way, and we eliminated them altogether.”
– Mike F., Paramount Capital Group

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