Free Up Sales

Delegate administrative tasks to a virtual sales assistant.

The more your sales teams can focus on just sales, the more sales they’ll make. But you know this. Every second they spend on administrative duties, and tedious tasks besides sell-sell-sell, is valuable time away from closing.

They’re your movie stars. The face of your business. And just like movie stars, they need pampering. Your virtual sales assistant will be able to create a pampered experience by:

  • Entering prospect, lead and deal details into your CRM
  • Coordinating meetings & setting up appointments
  • Formatting & distributing content in various templates
  • And more…

Partner with us and we’ll recruit, train, coach, support, and monitor a vetted, pre-qualified virtual sales assistant from our global network of affordable talent to conquer the small stuff, so your sales teams can focus on closing. 

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What do businesses with high-performing sales teams say about We Are Working?

“Their focus on process enables us to focus on growing the business.  Leads are methodically vetted and warmed up by sales assistants called ‘Bookers’ who collect key info, schedule calls, and follow up with prospects. Our sales reps spend their time closing qualified prospects instead of wasting time chasing down every lead.” Achieve Test Prep

By streamlining processes and hiring qualified, globally-sourced bookers, We Are Working enabled Achieve Test Prep to get work done at 70% less per employee. They pay just 30% of what they historically spent to get the same work done.

The Benefits of Virtual Sales Assistants

Less Grunt Work. More Sales.

Efficient & Accurate CRM Data Entry

Support your sales team by hiring a virtual sales assistant to enter key data points into your Customer Relationship Management system. Get details on prospects, leads, and deals loaded into your CRM efficiently and accurately, giving sales the confidence and time to focus on the goal: making a sale.

Scheduling & Calendar Coordination

A salesperson’s schedule can be a nightmare. Especially when they’re the one trying to hold it all together. Sales meetings, calls, conferences, strategy sessions. It’s endless. Utilize a qualified remote assistant, with rates starting at $11 an hour, to bring calm to the chaos of scheduling and keep your salespeople on the ball.

Professionally Polished Proposals

Sales collateral is key to making the right impression – but time-consuming. A virtual sales assistant will maintain proposals and other templated material with incredible turnaround times, so your sales team can rest easy knowing all sales material is always up-to-date and complementing their amazing pitch.

Get an Estimate

Want specifics about how a virtual sales assistant would help your business? Tell us a little bit about yourself. We’ll review your responses, calculate your customized estimate, and email you the details:

Virtual Sales Assistant Estimate
  • First, a little bit about you.

Sales Assistant Cost Estimator and Guide

Prefer to calculate costs on your own first? Download our cost estimator and guide to see how much you would save by working with us. Plus learn the hidden costs to consider when hiring a sales assistant.

Virtual Sales Assistant Estimate

Why choose We Are Working for your sales assistant needs?

A Bespoke Approach

Your business is unique. And your plan with us would be too. To ensure your success, we help you craft your dream plan, enabling you to choose your own specialists for however many hours you need. All led by a U.S-based Customer Success Manager as your dedicated point of contact.

Streamlined Processes

Making your life easier is what we do best. And we do that in a lot of ways. But one of them is by building out standard operating procedures unique to your marketing agency.

Monitoring Service

We capture everything and report back to you. From monitoring, training, supporting, and coaching your virtual marketing assistant, you’ll have a firm grasp on how your business is running.

The Right Price

All this, for a fair price? It can’t be. Can it? The short answer: it can. With our global network of qualified talent, we know how to staff and work strategically to save big on cost.

No Minimums.
No Long-Term Contracts.

When We Are Working for you, you’ll only pay for the hours worked – no monthly minimum, no long-term agreements. Just pay for the service you need for your business when you’re using it.

Full-Service Management

When it comes to hiring hourly employees, we’ll handle everything. And we mean everything, including HR paperwork, onboarding, training, monitoring, supporting, and coaching. We even have their computer and internet connection covered too.


Got questions? We’ve got answers. Check out these Frequently Asked Questions and answers, or schedule a free consultation with us to get your unique questions answered.

Can I interview the candidates you find for me?

Yes. Using skills tests, experience criteria, and our own interviews, we’ll narrow down the pool of candidates to 2-3 that will work well for you. You can further review their profiles and interview them to choose the person you like best.

What hours will my virtual sales assistant work?

What hours would you like them to work? Some of our clients choose to have their sales assistants work while they are working – regular 9am – 5pm EST hours. Others choose to have their sales assistants work while they sleep, to provide 24 hour customer service. Your sales assistant can be available on nights, weekends, mornings, afternoons – you set the hours.

I’ll need my sales assistant to work for 40 hours a week some months, and only 2 hours a week other months. Is that okay?

Yes. Our services are designed to be flexible. Your remote sales assistant will work when you need them to work, and they won’t when you don’t need them.

What if I need a second assistant after a few months?

We can’t wait to get that call from you. We’ll restart the process of finding you a new assistant. We’ll get them onboarded and trained, making the process as seamless as possible for you.

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