Month: July 2021

Fractional Employees - 2021's Hottest Workforce Trend

Fractional Employees – 2021’s Hottest Workforce Trend

A fractional employee is someone who works part-time for your business and may also work part-time for other businesses as well.

U.S. Labor Shortage CEOs and Business Owners Share Their Recruiting Strategies

Recruiting Strategies for Small Businesses Amid Labor Shortage

Recruiting top talent is already hard enough, but what happens when you need to do it in the middle of a labor shortage? 

How to Become a Guest Author on the Remote-First Blog

Become a Remote-First Blog Guest Author

As our audience continues to grow, we are excited to now offer the opportunity for qualified individuals to be featured as guest authors.

Tatiana McGrath - Remote-first Employee Spotlight

Tatiana McGrath – Remote-First Employee Spotlight

Today we bring you not just to the close-knit town of Waldwick, New Jersey, but into the recently converted home-office (formerly Monty the Cat’s domain) of our very own Tatiana McGrath. Tatiana has been part of our team, which currently sits at four marketing professionals, since December 2020 and has been responsible for all the…
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