How Lawyers can streamline and optimize with HubSpot

How Lawyers can streamline and optimize with HubSpot

Optimizing Lawyers with HubSpot Solutions

As a legal professional, you may have encountered various marketing software law firms that offer content management services. What is HubSpot’s benefit for lawyers, or which is the best CRM for law firms?

While traditionally, law firms have relied on legal CRM tools to optimize their processes and increase collaborations among various teams, there is a case for generic “non-legal” CRMs, such as HubSpot

Generally, lawyers and law firms can benefit from CRM in the following ways:

  1. Capture leads: As a lawyer, you recognize that your clients are your lifeline, and maintaining sound, cordial relationships with them is essential to the success of your practice. However, consider how arduous and time-consuming the rational way of contact management is for a typical law firm. With a CRM tool, every enquiry, and every lead interaction gets automatically recorded. Gone are the days of manually jotting down the email and contact information of everyone you meet, relying upon your assistants or receptionist to take down their phone numbers, and storing said information in sticky notes and files.
  2. Automate and define processes: With a CRM tool, you can automatically record information about your clients and also schedule calls, meetings, and email messages to potential clients. Automated CRM tools allow you to stay in touch with your clientele and have professional relations with them, which are vital to the success of your business. 
  3. Inbound marketing for law firms: CRM software is also becoming an increasingly popular tool for inbound marketing. Your law firm can use it to enhance its market presence, generate traffic from its content, and create customized marketing plans for different customer segments. For example, HubSpot allows SEO optimization for its content, from its blogs to periodic newsletters to clients and personalization options in its automated emails.
  4. Integrate with other tools: The benefits of HubSpot for lawyers can be extended to other tools as well. You can integrate your CRM with other software for different purposes. For example, you can integrate My Case with Answering Legal, which allows you to answer calls 24/7. Similarly, integration with Court Drive enables the automatic organization and delivery of data, making it more manageable to find, organize, and store all documents related to a case in one single place. 

Optimizing Lawyers with HubSpot Solutions

The problem is that while the benefits above are certainly what one hopes to have once they buy any CRM tool, the reality is that the proper implementation of CRM tools is often challenging. Law firms, in particular, face many issues when switching to CRM tools for the first time. 

According to research, over 80% of law firms are implementing a CRM solution, but only 20% categorize their CRM as “effective,” and even fewer categorize it as “moderately effective.” 

So, what are some of the reasons why law firms seem to struggle with CRM tools?

  1. CRM costs: One of the biggest hurdles for a law firm in implementing a CRM tool is the associated costs, from buying up a certain subscription level to data migration and app integration to training your staff. The overall CRM implementation process can be hectic, from buying up a certain subscription level to data migration and app integration to training your staff.  In the case of law-specific CRM tools, these costs can further increase due to the relative novelty of these CRM software and the dearth of people adept at using them. Unlike “generic” CRM software,” legal CRMs can cost more in terms of training and app integration.
  2. User Interface Issues For first-time CRM users, a good user experience and ease of navigation are essential. The problem with many legal CRMs is that they overcomplicate things. While the code at the backend may be stellar, if the user interface is not helpful and easy to interact with, it negates the entire purpose of implementing a CRM. A good CRM must be easy to use and learn, even for first timers.
  3. Ineffective support: In the legal world, time is of the essence. You will eventually run into issues, even if you need help utilizing the tools available in your CRM. Sometimes, the talent available at your firm may not be able to resolve particular issues, so you need to partner with a CRM–provider that is always available to help and address your needs. You don’t want to be in a position where you are losing critical leads and appointments simply because you’re unable to resolve a bug in your CRM. 

HubSpot might be the best CRM for a law firm if you want to optimize these pitfalls and make the most of your CRM. It is suitable both for B2B and B2C segments and provides holistic customer relationship management services, from capturing leads to importing and exporting data across different platforms and offering customer analytics.

Why your law firm needs HubSpot:

  • Ease of use: HubSpot is one of the most popular CRM systems in the world.  Its ease of use, friendly user interface, and ability to be used across different fields and industries stand out. Depending on your individual or business needs, you can purchase different subscription packages. Over time, HubSpot has made concerted efforts to improve its design layout and ease of use. The interface now offers a simple and easily navigable user experience, making it easier for the user to use different types of tools available at HubSpot. 
  • A.I-driven marketing: There are many marketing software for law firms, but HubSpot marketing automation makes it easy to determine the most effective ways to run your outbound marketing campaigns. For example, it can help you decipher the best time to set up and send emails, the type of marketing communication channel most appropriate for different customers, and the tweaks and changes needed in your messaging to get the best results. With HubSpot, your law firm will be able to develop and perfect your marketing messaging to your leads, generating more traffic and adding more people to your sales funnel.
  • Contract renewal and signing: One of the challenges that law firms face is keeping pace with all the contacts and their renewal dates. It can be hectic to keep a record of all of your contacts manually. HubSpot can help you address this issue once and for all. You can use an add-in called “Renewal Spot,” which automatically sends you notifications about contracts that need to be renewed. The “Renewal Spot” gives you a 90-day window to renew contracts with your clients before they end. HubSpot also offers e-signature options and many integration options that facilitate e-signature of contracts. With HubSpot, you must switch to other platforms to sign legal documents. 
  • Data security and compliance: As a legal professional, you’re often privy to sensitive and personal data. Your line of work requires extra care to handle your clients’ information. HubSpot uses robust technical, organizational, and physical measures to protect personal data and prevent unauthorized third parties from accessing it. 
  • Data-driven Insights: HubSpot offers customized reports on customer behavior and interactions with your business, all backed by data and quantitative metrics. You will understand which activities yield the most desirable results, which customer segments respond the most, and which marketing channels drive the highest impact. 
  • Personalized and smart content: You can create and send emails with everyone’s name, but you can also suggest content based on a user’s website activity. For example, if a site visitor is viewing blogs on family law, you can dynamically suggest content on the same topic and a call to action. 


If your law firm is planning to automate its business processes for the first time and is not sure where to start, HubSpot can be an excellent option, as it is easy to set up and use. The platform is designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses. HubSpot is the best CRM for law firms, considering its features, ease of use, integrative capacity, and many features.

You can start with the HubSpot Free Plan to get accustomed to how it works and the tools it offers. As your business grows, you can choose among different service packages that HubSpot houses, depending upon your company size and needs, etc. 

If you are entirely new to CRM tools but want to get started with HubSpot, we have you covered. 

We Are Working is a HubSpot Gold Partner that can help set up, manage, and optimize your HubSpot. Our dedicated HubSpot experts can help you get the most out of your HubSpot.

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