Finally, HubSpot Solutions that Work for YOU! A Proven Strategy for Sales & Marketing Success

Finally, HubSpot Solutions that Work for YOU! A Proven Strategy for Sales & Marketing Success

Finally, HubSpot Solutions that Work for YOU! A Proven Strategy for Sales & Marketing Success

Did you know that 50% of the work can be automated in today’s age?

Creating email schedules, managing contacts, or converting qualified leads into customers can be cumbersome and time-consuming.  What if there was a way to automate your marketing and sales processes and achieve better results?

Let’s talk about how HubSpot automation can prove to be a game changer for your sales and marketing processes.

But before we delve into how HubSpot solutions can propel your business forward, we may take a bird’s eye view of prevailing macro trends in business automation. 

While the phenomenon of sales and marketing automation is not new, recent developments in AI and, in particular, generative AI have drastically changed how businesses perceive automation. 

Today, in an ever-increasing field of competition and process optimization, AI for automation has become an absolute necessity for many businesses. 

Consider the following to put things into perspective:

  • On average, an organization saves around $46,000 through workplace automation tools.
  • Automation is one of the fastest-growing software sectors, with a current market value of $6.1 billion and an estimated growth rate of 200%.
  • 75% of the businesses report using automation tools.
  • Over 80% of corporate executives report speeding up their work process automation.
  • 88% of small businesses say that automation helps them compete with larger companies.

Whether you’re a business owner looking to automate or merely interested in automation, one thing is certain: Automation is here to stay and will likely assume an even greater role in the coming years.

So, where do your sales and marketing prospects stand in an age of automation and process optimization?

We get it. You are often inundated with onerous, repetitive sales and marketing activities that prevent you from focusing on the bigger picture and proceeding with a more straightforward, strategic intent. Yet, you’re still unsure how to apply your organizational automation process. 

In such a case, seeking a HubSpot partner agency and acquiring a HubSpot specialist with a proven track record of helping its clients successfully automate marketing and sales activities.

Consider this: How often have you lost out on a deal because you forgot to follow up? And how much time would you save if you could develop a method to prioritize leads?

This is where HubSpot sales automation comes to rescue you. 

The following HubSpot features can featly free up your time, optimize your sales processes, and reduce human errors:

  1. Automate personalized emails: Research suggests that personalized emails perform much better than generic, impersonal emails. With HubSpot Sales, you can create personalized emails, and A/B test different email templates to decipher which one performs better. Moreover, using the contacts’ information from the CRM, you can automatically send emails to your leads or clients with an optimal dose of novelty and personalization.
  2. Keep track of idle leads: A sales rep is often laser-focused on working with “hot leads.” While such a single-minded focus is certainly necessary to convert leads and achieve the daily sales quota, sometimes, it prevents said rep from availing of other opportunities. For example, as a salesperson, you may be unable to keep track of all the “idle leads” and restart contact with them. In such a case, you can use HubSpot Sales CRM to set up periodic alters for any lead that has stayed idle and follow up on it. 
  3. Create meaningful workflows: You can organize, create, and manage your contacts in automated workflows and create “action alerts” where any meaningful action by a contact sends you a notification. The notification can then prompt you to take necessary actions, depending on where the lead is in the sales funnel.
  4. Optimize meeting schedules: As a sales rep, you often work with multiple prospects simultaneously. It can, therefore, become difficult to manage your calendar and schedule meetings with everyone while keeping a personal schedule. A missed meeting due to a lack of timely scheduling or a conflict in timings can be the difference between missing or closing a deal. You can use the HubSpot Meeting option to allow your prospect to view your personal calendar and schedule meetings accordingly. You can then be assured that you will not miss out on any prospect in the future solely due to calendar mismanagement. 
  5. Integration: HubSpot can easily integrate with other apps, such as Gmail, Google Workspace, Office 365, and Outlook. You can use this integration to import contacts directly from Gmail or Outlook. It will save you a lot of time and hassle manually adding contacts to your HubSpot list.


We are only considering a few features of HubSpot sales automation for brevity. Depending on your business needs, you can use features like free calling, pipeline tracking, live chats, conversational bots, etc. 

The good news is that HubSpot Marketing Hub is equally, if not more, adept at automating your marketing tasks than the Sales Hub.
In a way, Marketing Hub is the most potent HubSpot CRM. Irrespective of your role or business life stage, the Marketing Hub can be a game-changer for your company. 

Perhaps you’re a small business owner simultaneously seeking to automate your marketing and free time to focus on strategic initiatives.

Or, maybe you’re a digital marketer considering automation to acquire more leads and improve your KPIs.

Let’s check out a few Marketing Hub features that can help you get the most out of automation:

  1. Capture lead forms: With HubSpot, you can create and embed forms into your website for new visitors. These forms can be of various types and may prompt different kinds of action, such as a subscription to a newsletter, scheduling a consultation, or acquiring general information. The point is that, with HubSpot forms, you can significantly increase your ability to garner data about leads, prospects, and customers.
  2. Lead intelligence: HubSpot allows you to consider the actions and behavior of your potential customers, such as the emails they open, the links they click, and the sites they visit. You can then use that information to create personalized marketing messages for your leads, increasing the chances of successfully converting those leads. 
  3. Synergy with social media: You can integrate your social media account with HubSpot and schedule your future posts. Moreover, you can also use HubSpot to post simultaneously on all social media channels and monitor the performance of each post. This automation feature is handy when you’re out of the office but need to post something or communicate with your audience. In such a scenario, automated scheduling can be quite helpful. 
  4. Chatbots: They can be your virtual assistants and the first line of contact for many new leads. A HubSpot-powered chatbot can guide new visitors to your website, answer their queries, pre-qualify them as potential leads, and save a lot of time for your HubSpot expert. It is too costly for many organizations to have a human live assistant answer chat queries 24/7, so HubSpot ChatSpot is becoming increasingly popular. 
  5. Reporting and Analytics: HubSpot analytics cover different aspects of marketing, such as email campaigns, lead nurturing, and social media metrics. With customizable reports, you can measure marketing performance and KPIs pertaining to your area of interest. You can also export these reports to collaborate and share with others.

However, these are not all of the HubSpot services, which is why it is crucial to partner with agencies that not only have the requisite HubSpot expertise but also the breadth of services to satisfy all of your needs. 

At this point, if you’re wondering how HubSpot sales and marketing affect your bottom line, you are not alone.

After all, what is the point of using any tool if it does not help you reach your business objectives? 

Finally, HubSpot Solutions that Work for YOU! A Proven Strategy for Sales & Marketing Success

We have looked at different automation features, but there lies a question:

How does sales and marketing automation benefit your business?

Let’s see what the figures say.

Benefits of sales automation:

  • Sales professionals estimate saving 2 hours and 15 minutes daily using AI automation tools instead of manually performing regular sales tasks.
  • 97% of the sellers in the  U.S. and Canada consider the sales intelligence and enablement tools to be either “important” or ‘very important.” 
  • Sales automation tools save, on average, around 2 hours and 7 minutes AI automation tool for prospect outreach. 

These are just a few of sales automation’s proven, tangible benefits. The list is much more comprehensive and packed.

On a similar note, marketing automation can help your enterprise in many ways:

  • Businesses can recover their investment in Marketing Hub within four months and achieve an ROI of 505% after three years. 
  • With the Marketing Hub, organizations can achieve a 73% increase in the marketing teams’ productivity and experience a 68% reduction in the time to launch marketing campaigns. 
  • The HubSpot Marketing Hub can generate 71% more inbound leads than those without multichannel marketing integration features. 

Hubspot Sales and Marketing Hubs are among the most impactful automation tools. The above stats and sources further solidify that, in an age of AI automation, HubSpot is your go-to tool to stay ahead of the curve. 

One thing to keep in mind if you’re unsure where and how to automate your processes:

Discuss your business needs and budget considerations before you decide to finalize any partnership with an agency.

Work with HubSpot automation experts who offer a wide range of services so you don’t have to work with multiple partners simultaneously for your sales and marketing needs. 

Luckily, We Are Working ticks all of these boxes. The company has a team of HubSpot experts specializing in Sales and Marketing Hubs. 

You can book a free consultation and begin your journey to take your sales and marketing to new heights.


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