Month: April 2021

The Best Tools for Managing Remote Employees

The Best Tools for Managing Remote Employees

Whether you sent your team home in March of 2020 and have been learning how to manage your employees remotely since, or you’ve been fostering a remote workforce for years – you know that the tools you use are essential in keeping everyone on the same page, engaged, and productive. In this series, we’ll cover the set of apps, software, and services we think are the best tools to manage remote employees.

Bridget Chebo remote employee spotlight

Bridget Chebo – Remote-First Employee Spotlight

From insightful tips for working remotely, to her love for the Key West Pink Shrimp Caesar Pita, meet Bridget Chebo in our remote-first employee spotlight. Based in Winchester, Virginia, Bridget oversees remote teams all over the map, and has taken advantage of the many perks of a fully-remote workforce. To learn more about Bridget and about the benefits of going remote-first, read the full article here.

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