Small Business Remote Staffing Strategies in 2022

Small Business Remote Staffing Strategies in 2022

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020, business recruiting has looked different for most companies, and remote staffing strategies have become essential across industries. With record numbers of employees resigning, new expectations for remote work, and an ever-changing supply chain, employers are searching for innovative strategies to attract new hires.

Although 2022 may present challenges when it comes to hiring new team members, utilizing updated recruiting strategies will help boost your business’s appeal to potential workers. Here are our tops tips on how to find new hires in 2022.

 Small Business Remote Staffing Strategies for 2022

#1 Update Your Careers Page Online

Employees are looking for jobs that are exciting, interesting, or offer valuable experience in their field. With a market saturated with similar-looking positions, it’s even more important than ever to make your careers page shine. Update your careers page by highlighting important links, and revamp the overall appearance to be more streamlined.

–          Emphasize what makes your company unique. Utilize testimonies from current employees to offer a hands-on account of your work environment.

–          Streamline your webpage and make application links, FAQs, and contact forms obvious and accessible.

–         Make sure your careers page is intuitive to navigate and aesthetically pleasing.

#2 Focus On Remote Recruiting

Remote staffing strategies are definitely here to stay. Many workers value their autonomy, not to mention the absence of their morning commute, and prefer to work from home. Plus, hiring remote employees allows you to draw from a larger pool of applicants.

Emphasize your flexibility and openness to remote work in your job posting. This way, prospects searching for jobs will know what they can expect before they start their application. Additionally, prepare for remote work-related questions during the interview as well as questions regarding COVID-19 policies. Having answers to these important health and safety queries will demonstrate that you’re prioritizing employee wellbeing by allowing them to focus on the work that matters.


#3 Simplify Your Application Process

Applying for jobs sometimes feels like a full-time job in itself. Keep in mind that prospective employees are likely wading through multiple application cycles at once and may not have patience to complete a long form. You don’t want your prospects to get burnt out halfway through their application to your company!

Try to eschew lengthy supplemental questions. In most cases, a resume and well-written cover letter will suffice. Be wary of including too much “work” in the initial phase of an application. Once prospects have progressed through the first round of applications, then you can send them some sample tasks to get a sense of their working style.


#4 Utilize Social Media

Social platforms aren’t just for posting cute dog videos and memes. In fact, savvy recruitment strategies use social platforms as an effortless way to engage with prospective employees, demonstrate their company culture, and advertise new job postings.

Platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn are excellent for slightly more professional job-related content, while Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Snapchat are fantastic for engaging casually with prospective hires. Link your careers page to all your accounts so interested professionals have easy access to job postings from any platform.


#5 Use Referrals

Don’t be afraid to lean on your current employees for help recruiting. Finding new hires through referrals often leads to great results since the candidates come recommended by a trusted source. Encourage your current employees to refer their peers and offer small incentives for sending along a qualified candidate.

Ask employees to be more involved in the recruitment process as a whole. Offer opportunities for employees to participate in demos, recruitment talks, and conventions. This gives prospective hires a chance to interact with current employees, get a taste of the work environment, and ask specific questions about work life and responsibilities.


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