How to Outsource Remote Workers

How to Outsource Remote Workers

Wondering how to outsource remote workers for your company? Regardless of the size or industry that your business operates under, outsourcing your remote workers can provide a slew of benefits such as cheaper monthly fees and around the clock results. But how do you go about when you’re looking to outsource remote workers?


In this blog, we outline how a company goes about finding an outsourced remote working company, what you need to ask before signing on the dotted line, as well as the benefits that it can offer to your business.


How to Outsource Remote Workers


Be Specific About Your Needs

The hiring process for outsourced remote workers is similar to hiring an in-house employee. In both instances, you need to outline a thorough job description detailing your requirements for the position. Outsourced companies cater to different requirements including industry-specific skills, work hour requirements, and language abilities. Finding the right fit will provide much needed support to your team without adding undue stress or training. Plus, the clearer you are with expectations at the beginning, the easier it will be for your outsourced employees to match your needs.


Understand the Time it Takes to Onboard

While outsourced remote workers don’t need to be experts on every detail of a company’s history, it’s important that they have a thorough understanding of the product or service that you are selling. Most inquiries they’ll be fielding will have to do with the terms and functions of a product or service. The best outsourced remote worker services offer a turnkey solution that lets you quickly scale and ramp up your services so minimal time is spent during the onboarding process, and should be addressed as quickly as possible.


Utilize Cloud-Based Communication

One of the huge benefits of working with outsourced reps is that it’s easy to communicate. Many companies have adopted digital customer relationship management platforms as part of a remote work model. Having access to these platforms helps you track customer interactions, reviews, and overall customer satisfaction so you have an updated summary of the efficacy of your customer service providers.


How Outsourcing Remote Workers Benefits Your Team

There are a large variety of benefits that outsourcing remote workers offers to both your team and your company:


  • Provide 24/7 Support – Hiring globally allows for your business to operate at all hours of the day. This allows your business to get more work done in a day, and provide the best service at all hours.
  • Faster Hiring – Since remote reps working through an outsourced company have already been screened and approved as capable professionals, you don’t need to take on the extra work of vetting new employees. Skip the lengthy approval process and focus on implementing your new outsourced support.
  • Experts in their Field – Some outsourced remote working companies specialize in certain industries or fields. This cuts back on training time since reps have already acquired a thorough knowledge in their field, and only need to be trained in the specifics of your company.
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction – At the end of the day, one of the biggest benefits that outsourced remote workers have to offer is their commitment to increased customer satisfaction. Customers who have easy access to help are more likely to reach out if they need assistance.


Finding Your Outsourcing Solutions with We are Working

The biggest problem many companies have when they are looking for outsourced remote workers is that they don’t fully understand the scope of the services being provided. This can lead to you getting subpar service that you may be overpaying for.


You need an outsourced remote working solution that delivers on promised results.


Here at We are Working we provide our customers with the additional support they need to build a successful business. Our online support services include virtual assistants, sales and marketing assistants, bookkeepers and more. We are Working offers a fully scalable remote workforce, tailored to meet your needs. We prioritize pairing our customers with remote workers from our existing staff who are skilled within their industry, so you can spend less time training outsourced employees and more time building your business. Contact us today to get started!

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