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Work ON your business
instead of IN your business.

We get the task work off of your plate!

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Worker Selection

After we identify the required skills and experience, we’ll select a worker from our existing staff of 350+ employees. The worker is already working for us and is a known entity. If you prefer to be involved in the selection process, we’ll make the decision together.

Onboarding & Training

We’ll work with you to create a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) that your worker will follow. We’ll apply remote-first best practices to ensure that your worker can get tasks done with minimal direction and maximum transparency. We’ll train your worker to GSD (get *schtuff* done).

Monitoring & Coaching

As your worker completes tasks, we’ll monitor their activity. We’ll capture screenshots and setup regular reporting to keep you informed. With regular audits, we’ll check that tasks are being complete correctly. We’ll continually coach your worker, training them up over time.

Services Include

Custom Staffing Solutions

Our core competency is in developing custom staffing solutions for our clients. Unlike other providers that have a fixed list of services, minimum hours per month, and hoops to jump through to make changes – our services are completely customizable. We will work with you to develop a staffing strategy that meets your needs and grows with you over time.

No Minimums

You’ll only pay for the hours that your worker(s) actually work, we don’t make you agree to a monthly minimum. Plus – we’ll work to win your business month after month, so there are no long-term contracts.

All-Inclusive Pricing

The hourly rate for each worker is what you pay. Period. We multiply the hourly rate by the hours the workers actually work – and that’s your total. No taxes, no payroll fees, no minimums.


We Are Working is a US-based staffing solutions provider. We source talent from a US and global network, but your agreement is with an American company and your work is managed by US-based professionals.

Which tasks can we get off of your plate?

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