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What Kind Of Tasks Can A Virtual Assistant Do

Pros and Cons of Using a Virtual Assistant

As the United States is now in a new phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, one debate continues to grow for businesses: recall employees to the office, develop a hybrid workforce strategy, or continue on fully remote. We tapped some Marketing Agency leaders to get their perspectives into this dilemma.

Real Estate Agents Share the Top Tasks They Delegate to Virtual Assistants

Real Estate Agents Share Top Tasks delegated to VAs

Real estate is such a lucrative business for a unique individual who is able to wear many hats, but most of all someone who can forge lasting connections with their current and potential clients. In reality, a decent portion of the behind-the-scenes workload that keeps real estate agents up to 1 a.m., can be delegated…
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Real Estate Agents Explain their Career-propelling Delegation Strategies

Delegation Strategies Propelling Real Estate Agents

Being a success in real estate means learning how to delegate. In our previous article, “Real Estate Agents Share the Top Tasks They Delegate to Virtual Assistants,” we looked at tried and true ideas of what to delegate. Now we explore how to delegate and who to delegate to. While we prefer our unique approach…
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