Syed Abuturab – Remote-First Employee Spotlight

Syed Abuturab – Remote-First Employee Spotlight

In this edition of our remote employee spotlight, we’re venturing into the vibrant tapestry of Pakistan, where Syed Abuturab, our HubSpot Certified Specialist, brings his expertise to the We Are Working team. Nestled in the culturally rich landscape of Pakistan, Syed has become an integral part of our global workforce, contributing  a wealth of experience in digital marketing and martech to our team.

Based in Pakistan, Syed specializes in strategizing and optimizing campaigns across HubSpot, SEMrush and Hotjar. “I thoroughly appreciate learning new processes and technologies,” he states. As our HubSpot Specialist, his responsibilities involve managing HubSpot, developing automations for email campaigns, monitoring Live chat for improvements and reporting on SEO KPIs and marketing results. Additionally, Syed’s expertise extends to automating campaigns on platforms like Zoho and Active Campaign, showcasing his versatility in utilizing a range of marketing tools to drive success for our clients.

In his free time, Syed pursues a variety of hobbies. He balances his busy work life with the pleasures of reading, keeping up with sports, and discovering new dining options. Syed’s love for literature and sports isn’t just a way to relax; it reflects his curiosity and zest for life, showing that he’s well-rounded even outside of the digital world.

Benefits of Remote Work

For Syed, the benefits of remote work extend far beyond the professional realm. Working from Pakistan allows him to contribute meaningfully to a U.S.-based company, eliminating the need for a lengthy commute and providing the flexibility to balance work with personal commitments. 

Having navigated remote work successfully, Syed shares his insights for those embarking on a similar journey. He emphasizes the importance of treating remote work with the same professionalism as an office setting, advocating for the creation of a dedicated work area and the establishment of a structured routine. Syed’s advice includes scheduling breaks and enhancing the work environment with his favorite music.


About We Are Working

We Are Working is a 100% remote U.S-based company that was founded with the goal of helping small to medium-sized businesses develop a highly effective and efficient remote workforce that delivers measurable results. We Are Working partners with growing companies to develop productive and accountable remote workforces of all sizes.


Celebrating Global Cultures

At We Are Working, we take pride in having 32 countries with a mix of cultures as part of our team. 

When Syed was asked what he valued about the culture of his country, he said, Hospitality and warmth. Pakistani culture is renowned for its hospitality and warmth towards guests. It’s customary to welcome visitors with open arms, offering food, and ensuring they feel at home. The hospitality extends to both personal homes and businesses.”



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