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Meet Nomair Syed, our Customer Success Manager

Nomair Syed – Meet Our Customer Success Manager

Meet Nomair Syed, our Customer Success Manager For this edition of Employee Spotlight, we are thrilled to introduce Nomair Syed, our Customer Success Manager extraordinaire. He Hails from the historic and culturally rich city of Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Near the capital city of Islamabad and the picturesque Murree Hill Station, Rawalpindi offers a nice balance between…
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Vincent Reije Digao Journey

Vincent Reije Digao – Meet Our SuperSupervisor

Meet Vincent Reije Digao Vincent Reije Digao is the Admin Team Supervisor at We Are Working. He lives in Davao City, Philippines, and says that the Philippines has a rich history, people, and an abundance of fruits including durian (a highly nutritious fruit). According to Vincent, the Philippines is known to have blended cultures and…
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Marwa Ammar Employee Spotlight

Marwa Ammar – Meet Our SuperManager

Meet Marwa Ammar Marwa Ammar is the Operations SuperManager at We Are Working. She lives in Lebanon and says “Lebanon is a very beautiful and diverse country with absolutely stunning nature, food and people.” Marwa comes from a culture where resilience, hospitality, loving life, and appreciating family, friends, and community are integral parts of life. …
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Syed Abuturab – Remote-First Employee Spotlight

In this edition of our remote employee spotlight, we’re venturing into the vibrant tapestry of Pakistan, where Syed Abuturab, our HubSpot Certified Specialist, brings his expertise to the We Are Working team. Nestled in the culturally rich landscape of Pakistan, Syed has become an integral part of our global workforce, contributing  a wealth of experience…
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Nicholas English – Remote-First Employee Spotlight

Nicholas English – Remote-First Employee Spotlight

Let’s visit Jamaica, the island country in the Caribbean Sea, North America, having lush green mountains, fascinating rainforests and captivating reef-lined beaches. We discovered Nicholas English, our virtual legal assistant, in Portmore, the Sunshine City of Jamaica, while enjoying its pleasant weather. Nicholas has been inspiringly delivering at We Are Working for over two years.…
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The Best Cloud-Based HR and Financial Tools for Managing Remote-First Businesses

The Best Cloud-Based HR and Financial Tools for Managing Remote-First Businesses

Details on cloud-based platforms for managing human resources and online tools for handling the finance processes of a remote business.

What Kind Of Tasks Can A Virtual Assistant Do

Pros and Cons of Using a Virtual Assistant

As the United States is now in a new phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, one debate continues to grow for businesses: recall employees to the office, develop a hybrid workforce strategy, or continue on fully remote. We tapped some Marketing Agency leaders to get their perspectives into this dilemma.

What does a Personal Assistant do

What Does a Personal Assistant Do?

Thinking of hiring an assistant for bookkeeping? Learn the differences between a bookkeeper and an accountant first.

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Top 10 Virtual Assistant Skills to Look For

Not sure what to look for in a virtual assistant? There are a variety of hard and soft skills every virtual assistant must have to provide you with the best possible experience. Learn more about what makes a great virtual assistant and how to find the person for your needs with We Are Working.

Bonus Round - Personal Assistants

How Outsourcing Saves Money

Outsourcing helps businesses redistribute work in a manageable, efficient manner, but how does it save money? By leveraging lower-cost talent to take on projects or long-term business functions, you can help alleviate burden off full-time employees and help the business as a whole be more productive. Learn more about the financial benefits of outsourcing with…
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