Marwa Ammar – Meet Our SuperManager

Marwa Ammar – Meet Our SuperManager

Marwa Ammar Employee Spotlight

Meet Marwa Ammar

Marwa Ammar is the Operations SuperManager at We Are Working. She lives in Lebanon and says “Lebanon is a very beautiful and diverse country with absolutely stunning nature, food and people.” Marwa comes from a culture where resilience, hospitality, loving life, and appreciating family, friends, and community are integral parts of life. 

She professionally describes herself as resilient, ambitious, and committed — we agree with her on this 😉. She is a nature enthusiast, hiking, camping, and sitting around bonfires are her hobbies. Once she is outdoors, she loves trying new food and wants to know if that is considered a hobby too. Well Marwa, yes that’s a hobby and a good one too 😄! 

Professional Highlights

Marwa works as an Operations Manager at We Are Working. Her job role is to manage operations for Customer Service, Marketing, and Sales. She also manages client accounts and she is undeniably good at it. 

We asked Marwa what she liked most about her role.  

“ I love making systems that work—improving efficiency and enabling higher quality work delivered. The opportunity of being in a position where I can improve processes and deliver better results excites me the most. I come to work every day to create new solutions and take things further.” 

She has been part of We Are Working for the last 3.5 years. She started as a project specialist and moved to operations supervisor and then operations manager. She says, “It has been a very fulfilling journey full of challenges and successes. It pushed me to develop myself on so many levels. I enjoyed support from upper management where I felt appreciated and felt like they believed in me. I also met people from all over the world and learned more about different cultures, values, and so many new recipes! 🤭”

What does our Super Manager think of Remote – Work Policy? 

Why do you like working remotely?

  • It is much more efficient to work remotely. You can spend your time focused and not be distracted by people in an office setting.

Advice you would give to others about working remotely.

  • Create your own comfortable space. 

Achievement Highlight

Marwa has been part of We Are Working since its inception and she has aligned almost every process we have. 

Marwa Ammar: Operations SuperManager!



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