Vincent Reije Digao – Meet Our SuperSupervisor

Vincent Reije Digao – Meet Our SuperSupervisor

Vincent Reije Digao Journey

Meet Vincent Reije Digao

Vincent Reije Digao is the Admin Team Supervisor at We Are Working. He lives in Davao City, Philippines, and says that the Philippines has a rich history, people, and an abundance of fruits including durian (a highly nutritious fruit). According to Vincent, the Philippines is known to have blended cultures and religions, with the intent of biodiversity despite the differences. They’re kind and at the same time brave people.  

Vincent professionally is a people person, growth-loving, and hardworking. Why do we say so? He works at night, studies in the daytime, and is about to graduate in the field of Industrial Engineering. 

Vincent likes playing basketball and musical instruments, singing, hanging out with friends, watching anime, traveling, exploring a variety of foods, and speaking about positive influence and impact among youth. 

Professional Highlights

Vincent is an Admin Team Supervisor. He oversees and trains admin assistants in multiple ways and not just that, he guides and motivates them towards the right path. His day-to-day responsibilities include: 

  • Overseeing specific client tasks in WAW and helping assistants finish those tasks. 
  • He ensures that the admin tasks are thoroughly delivered without the client worrying about the task deliberation. 
  • He troubleshoots in case a specific task needs to be escalated. 

We asked Vincent what he liked most about his role. 

“It’s more of the overseeing and training since I’m a people person. I love to converse with people and inspire them to create influence and impact, whether big or small, with the task delegated to them, and how they can bring this positive difference outside of the workplace. It’s a joyous thing for me to witness steady growth and improvement from the people or staff entrusted to me. I love to inspire and promote growth to others.”

He has been part of We Are Working for more than 3 years and will complete 4 years this June. Cheers! 🥳. He started as a Project Support and was soon promoted to Admin Team Lead and with his excellence and dedication he was promoted to Admin Team Supervisor within a few months. He says “Of course, this was all because I had special co-journers here at WAW (special thanks to Ramcis, Bahareh, Natasha, Pierre, and Miss Marifel.”

What does our SuperSupervisor think of Remote – Work Policy? 

Why do you like working remotely?

  • It allows me to work in my very own comfort zone and avoid the hassles of traffic jams.
  • I also get to spend more time with my family. 
  • Lastly, it’s more ergonomic. Working at home allows me to be more productive and efficient.

Advice you would give to others about working remotely.

  • Always be thankful for the fact that you’re working remotely. Many people are working wherein they still need to experience the hassles and stress of traveling to their workplace. 
  • Also, invest in good equipment for working remotely to be able to be more productive and efficient (good specs of laptop/PC, audible headset, ergonomic chair, and others).

Achievement Highlight

Vincent has been part of We Are Working for the past 4 years and his journey to becoming the admin supervisor evidences his personal & professional growth. He values pursuing excellence in whatever is entrusted to him.




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