Nomair Syed – Meet Our Customer Success Manager

Nomair Syed – Meet Our Customer Success Manager

Meet Nomair Syed, our Customer Success Manager

Meet Nomair Syed, our Customer Success Manager

For this edition of Employee Spotlight, we are thrilled to introduce Nomair Syed, our Customer Success Manager extraordinaire. He Hails from the historic and culturally rich city of Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Near the capital city of Islamabad and the picturesque Murree Hill Station, Rawalpindi offers a nice balance between bustling city life and retreats to nearby scenic places. It is, therefore, no surprise that Nomair embodies all the signature qualities of his homeland: adaptability, diligence, warmth, and friendliness. 

His precise adaptability and diligence make Nomair a star at We Are Working. As the Customer Success Manager, every day brings new challenges, a new set of puzzles to solve, a new client to onboard, and a new customer relationship to nurture. 

Within eight months, Nomair has become a cornerstone of our client success and satisfaction efforts. Yet, his journey is not just about work.

Balancing personal and professional life 

Juggling such a challenging role with two small children is no small feat. This is where remote work and flexible timings come in handy. It allows Nomair to hold the mantle of custom success managership while cherishing those precious moments of watching the little ones grow. 

“Remote work often offers greater flexibility. As I have two children aged three years and six months old it is a blessing to be able to spend more time with them and to see them grow,” remarks Nomair.

A typical day at work

An ordinary day at work is a day full of whirlwinds, where he onboards new clients, patiently helps them navigate through different processes, and answers any questions that may come up. Building and maintaining customer relationships is also essential to a Customer Success Manager’s role at We Are Working, so Nomair pays special attention to maintaining regular communication with clients, addressing their needs, and going above and beyond to solve any problems they may have. 

“I track key metrics to identify potential issues and ensure clients are satisfied with our services.”, he writes.

A commitment to mutual success

What fuels Nomair is the impact of his efforts. Seeing the clients succeed because of the tools and training provided by We Are Working fills him with a tremendous sense of accomplishment. After all, what could be more satisfying than watching the businesses grow and succeed and being a part of their success stories? 

He highlights, “I enjoy the variety of tasks I get to do every day, from learning about different businesses to helping clients overcome challenges and achieve their goals. Seeing our services’ positive impact on our clients’ success is fulfilling.”

Nomair’s most remarkable achievement at We Are Working?

It is not a singular occurrence but a symphony of client interactions, resulting in the company enjoying great client testimonials and stellar retention rates. 

About We Are Working

We Are Working is a U.S.-based, remote-first company that thrives on helping small and medium enterprises find efficient and practical remote staffing solutions. We are proud to have a diverse, globalized talent pool from over 32 countries, helping businesses like yours grow and succeed daily.

Meet Nomair Syed, our Customer Success Manager



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