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Mark Olynyk - CEO

From Engineer to Entrepreneur: A Recipe for Success

Mark Olynyk Founder and CEO of We Are Working and Achieve Test Prep As Founder and CEO of We Are Working, Mark Olynyk is setting a new standard for how small to medium-sized businesses develop the workforce they need to remain competitive. His commitment to helping companies recruit, train, monitor and coach virtual employees is…
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What Kind Of Tasks Can A Virtual Assistant Do

Pros and Cons of Using a Virtual Assistant

As the United States is now in a new phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, one debate continues to grow for businesses: recall employees to the office, develop a hybrid workforce strategy, or continue on fully remote. We tapped some Marketing Agency leaders to get their perspectives into this dilemma.

What is a Remote First Staffing Strategy?

What is a Virtual Assistant Agency?

A virtual assistant agency connects businesses to outsourced workers. VA agencies handle hiring, training, and matching remote talent to job openings, which boosts productivity and reduces management responsibilities. What are the reasons to use a virtual assistant agency, and what is the difference between agencies vs. freelancers? Find the best virtual assistant services with We…
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Top Project Management & External Communication Tools for Remote Teams

Top Tools for Remote Teams

In the first article in this series, The Best Tools for Managing Remote Employees, I took you through the details of apps and programs to conquer internal communication. Whether you are looking for ideas regarding chat, email, calendars or meetings, or establishing a file management system, all bases were covered for you in that article.…
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