Quick Tips for Improving the Chat Experience for Your Customers

Quick Tips for Improving the Chat Experience for Your Customers

Quick Tips for Improving Customer Service Chat

In the first two articles in this series, we analyzed our client’s existing customer service chat processes and then used that data to implement meaningful changes to improve customer experience. If you haven’t yet read those articles, they provide a real-world situation to help you think through your current customer service processes, as well as tactics to work through to improve upon any challenges that are uncovered.

Otherwise, read on for some quick tips on how you can improve the chat experience for your customers.

Improving the Customer Service Chat Experience

Ready to make improvements to your customers’ experience on chat? Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Identify the problems to be solved. Collect the data that your chat provider offers and as much customer and customer service rep feedback as possible. Look for trends to see what stands out.
  2. Define the solutions you’ll test. Think about the steps your chat operators are taking when the problem occurs. What are simple changes you can implement that will lead to better outcomes?
  3. Identify the metrics you’ll track. The only way you’ll know if your solutions are working is if you measure the impact. Determine what metrics you can collect and which will tell you that the potential for a bad customer experience exists. Establish your baseline and track the improvements as you implement and optimize the solutions.
  4. Implement the solutions. We suggest focusing on one at a time. Once you’ve built your list, one will stand out more than the others based on the potential impact or based on the dependency of one solution or another.
  5. Monitor progress and optimize your solutions. Using time-tracking software that takes screenshots, regular reports from your chat operators, and the metrics you’ve decided to track – you’ll have all the information you need to spot trends and start making adjustments to maximize results.

Of course, we’d love to be part of your improvement process and your long-term plan for maintaining those improvements and optimizing them over time. You can contact us to setup a free consultation. If you’d like to read the story behind the insights, download our case study on improving customer service chat.


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