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The Future Model of Hiring in the U.S. Labor Shortage

The Future Model of Hiring in the U.S. Labor Shortage

U.S. Labor Shortage – Status, Challenges and Way Forward Did you know the U.S. Workforce participation remains below pre-pandemic levels?  In fact, there are nearly two million fewer Americans participating in the labor force today, compared to February of 2020. The Understanding America’s Labor Shortage publication shows that there are 9.9 million job openings in…
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Have a Remote Legal Assistant Screen Inquiries & Set Consultations

Why Should I Hire a Virtual Assistant

Are you still hesitant about hiring a remote virtual assistant? It’s time to break free from the traditional office setup and embrace the virtual world. Surprisingly, many entrepreneurs and businesses still find the idea of utilizing remote workforce services hard to swallow, despite spending most of their time in the online, remote, virtual world. Let’s…
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Minimize Turn-Over Risk with a Team Approach

How Do I Make Smart Hiring Decisions?

  How to build a hiring plan What are the 4 major considerations of hiring decisions What are smart hiring methods  Tips for making the right hiring decisions  Making great hiring decisions  Who makes the final decision in hiring process  What are hiring challenges  Direct hiring vs. outsourcing  Cost of hiring vs. retaining  Why is…
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Top 10 Virtual Assistant Skills to Look For

Not sure what to look for in a virtual assistant? There are a variety of hard and soft skills every virtual assistant must have to provide you with the best possible experience. Learn more about what makes a great virtual assistant and how to find the person for your needs with We Are Working.

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How Outsourcing Saves Money

Outsourcing helps businesses redistribute work in a manageable, efficient manner, but how does it save money? By leveraging lower-cost talent to take on projects or long-term business functions, you can help alleviate burden off full-time employees and help the business as a whole be more productive. Learn more about the financial benefits of outsourcing with…
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U.S. Labor Shortage CEOs and Business Owners Share Their Recruiting Strategies

Recruiting Strategies for Small Businesses Amid Labor Shortage

Recruiting top talent is already hard enough, but what happens when you need to do it in the middle of a labor shortage? 

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