Go Remote with Intent

Go Remote with Intent

Go Remote with Intent

Here’s a scenario pre-pandemic.

An employee shows up to work. Right – it’s already crazy. Someone showing up to work – in like real pants, too. But anyway – this dependable and super reliable employee sits down at her desk. She logs on. And then she’s supposed to stay there for roughly eight hours straight. Like, in her chair basically. Yeah, we know those hip start-ups have those cool privacy pods, relaxation hideaways, and brainstorming tanks. But these are never as cool as they seem. 

In hindsight, going into an office every day from nine-to-five seems absolutely crazy. That’s a long time to be in the same exact place, for the same exact hours, with the same people, all from the same area, all stuck in the same bubble – and in totally uncomfortable pants to boot. Then there’s the in-office politics, awkward monitoring of employees, more awkward conversations at the water cooler, and a world of procrastination disguised as work being done.

Adapting to a Remote Workforce

Against perhaps popular belief, it’s harder to disguise good work in a remote world. For one, that professional schmoozer is now stuck at home without anyone to schmooze with (himself in the mirror maybe?). Now he needs to actually produce something of value.

Finally, top talent can rise to the top. Remote work has proven that certain efficiencies really do come out of a remote world. Whether or not the comfort of sweatpants plays a part is still up for debate. But remote work has in many measures improved the life of the employee and, crucially, the business. Or – to put it more precisely – it can.

Here’s the caveat (there had to be one or else why take you down this long-ish blog as though everything was peaches and cream, and we all should just go on embracing the remote workforce as the new gold standard and give remote work itself a Nobel Prize while we’re at it?) No, the caveat is: business owners need to adapt – and adapt fully – into a remote-first way of thinking. And this takes some slight doing.

The way we like to put it: Go remote intentionally. Adapt with purpose. Adapt with impact.

So, how do you do this?

How to Go Remote with Intent

At We Are Working, we understand that where we are working matters a whole lot less than how we are working. So, we focus on optimizing your how. And here’s how.

  • Virtual Assistants: equipping your business with affordable virtual assistants from our global network of pre-qualified talent,  starting at $7 an hour – all in – ultimately increasing your productivity and decreasing your payroll.
  • Streamlined Processes: making your life easier by building out standard operating procedures unique to your business and to the remote-first world.
  • Monitoring Services: capturing everything and reporting back to you with clear, understandable analytics, ensuring you’re paying for what you’re getting.
  • The Right Price: Offering more efficiency in a remote world and less spend on payroll – a big-time plus worth capitalizing on.
  • No Minimums, No Long-Term Contracts: Ensuring you pay for only the hours worked; no monthly minimums, no small fine print. You call the shots.
  • Full-Service Management: Eliminating headaches once and for all – taking care of all the task work, from HR paperwork, onboarding, training, monitoring, supporting, and coaching your virtual assistant – even covering their computer and internet connection.

Delegate the grunt work; gain more time to think big picture.

Ultimately, you decrease your spending on payroll and increase efficiency. Because remote-first can mean more efficiency, if you adapt intentionally. Remote work is even good for the environment – sorry auto and airline industries. Hello butterflies once again!

We really didn’t think this would end on butterflies.

Are you remote-ready?

If you are interested in learning more about our services and what we can do to help your business go remote-first, while saving you time and money, shoot us your questions


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