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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Virtual Assistant

After uncovering issues with customer service chat for our client, we implemented data-driven improvements to increase customer satisfaction.

How to Outsource Remote Workers

Wondering how to outsource remote workers for your company? Regardless of the size or industry that your business operates under, outsourcing your remote workers can provide a slew of benefits such as cheaper monthly fees and around the clock results. But how do you go about when you’re looking to outsource remote workers?   In…
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Small Business Remote Staffing Strategies in 2022

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020, business recruiting has looked different for most companies, and remote staffing strategies have become essential across industries. With record numbers of employees resigning, new expectations for remote work, and an ever-changing supply chain, employers are searching for innovative strategies to attract new hires. Although 2022 may present…
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How Much Time Do Small Business Owners Spend On Social Media

How Much Time Do Small Business Owners Spend On Social Media?

Small business owners can delegate social media tasks to virtual marketing assistants for a price that makes sense.

Lawyers Share Their Experiences with Remote Assistants

Lawyers Share Their Experiences with Remote Assistants

Being a lawyer is a stressful job. To alleviate some pressure and focus on winning cases, many lawyers now delegate to remote assistants.

Marketing Executives Discuss the Benefits of Going Remote

Marketing Executives Discuss the Benefits of Going Remote

As the United States is now in a new phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, one debate continues to grow for businesses: recall employees to the office, develop a hybrid workforce strategy, or continue on fully remote. We tapped some Marketing Agency leaders to get their perspectives into this dilemma.

Ideas For Remote Team Building

Team building isn’t just for in-house employees. Building a workplace of inclusion and trust can unify a remote team, even from miles away.


Should I Outsource My Bookkeeping Services?

Is it time to outsource your bookkeeping services? For many businesses, handling accounting in-house is not only money poorly spent, but keeps you from performing actionable items that can help your customers or generate new revenue. Three factors often determine whether outsourced accounting assistants are a good match: Size – While companies of any size…
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Does my bookkeeper need to be in the US

Does My Bookkeeper Need to Be in the U.S.?

Thinking of hiring an assistant for bookkeeping? Learn the differences between a bookkeeper and an accountant first.

Ideas for handling admin tasks in a law office

Ideas for Handling Administrative Tasks in a Law Office

Administrative tasks. Answering phones, organizing your files, balancing your books—these tasks can keep lawyers from doing their actual job.

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